Dr. Emile Allen

Emile Allen, MD, BCH, CI is the Director and Founder of The Pharmacy Within, a drug-free pain therapy solution for chronic pain, and a Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) and Clinical Instructor (CI) of Medical Hypnosis. He is the former Chief of Urology and Vice Chair of Surgery at Scripps Memorial Hospital-La Jolla, California.

He has helped people worldwide through his unique drug-free acute and chronic pain relief technique. Combined with his decades of experience and unique perspective as a surgeon and medical hypnotist, Dr. Allen is advancing the field of Medical Hypnosis for pain management.

Throughout his career, he saw the power of the mind to control post-operative pain with little to no medications. However, when he barely escaped death after being electrocuted while saving a patient’s life in the operating room, he experienced acute and chronic pain first-hand. He truly saw chronic pain from an entirely different perspective, which led him on a journey spanning the globe to better understand the mind-body connection through hypnosis and test the ability of the subconscious mind to control pain for various medical conditions in a variety of cultures.

With his unique background as a surgeon and medical hypnotist, he experienced the challenges in chronic pain management. He discovered several physiological, psychological, and social factors involved in the development of chronic pain. Dr. Allen realized that he needed to redefine chronic pain from the current medical definition for effective chronic pain treatment. He also recognized that the treatment and management of chronic pain couldn’t be solely held in the hands of the health care system; instead, the primary focus needs to be on the person suffering from chronic pain.

“Recognizing that acute and chronic pain needed to be redefined was a groundbreaking perspective shift, which led me to realize that you cannot treat just the “pain” in chronic pain. It’s my mission to empower people with the ability to quickly relieve or resolve their pain drug free anytime, anywhere by accessing the pharmacy that lives within them.”

Emile Allen, MD

This mission led him to develop a groundbreaking, drug-free technique for chronic pain self-management. His process creatively merges the best of medical/surgical knowledge, medical hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy, Pavlov’s Law, behavioral modification therapy, peak-performance coaching, and neuro-linguistic programming, all applied with surgical precision.

Dr. Allen’s new book, The Pharmacy Within – The Amazing Ability to Relieve Chronic Pain Drug Free, takes the reader on a journey that provides simple and clear answers to what chronic pain actually is, how it forms, and how it is possible to self-manage, or even resolve chronic pain, drug free within minutes.

As a retired surgeon and now a medical hypnotist and instructor, Dr. Allen enjoys teaching people globally how to manage their chronic pain drug free through his online classes and sessions. His passion for helping people worldwide has made him a two-time international award-winning author and an internationally-recognized speaker.


Director and Founder

  • The Pharmacy Within. Solutions to relieving Chronic Pain through online training and consulting

Award-Winning Author and Books

  • The Pharmacy Within – The Amazing Ability to Relieve Chronic Pain Drug Free
  • Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards, 2013
  • Writer’s Digest Self-published Book Awards, 2013
  • Eaten By The Tiger – Surrendering to an Empowered Life
  • Chimes of Time, Wounded Health Professionals’ Essays on Recovery – Contributing Author
  • Contagious Optimism, Volume II, Uplifting Stories and Motivational Advice for Positive Forward
    Thinking – Contributing Author
  • The Ill-Logic of a Disease, Journal of Hypnotism, March 2019, Volume 34, No. 1
  • Multiple Online Blog Articles

Professional Speaker

  • TEDx Boca Raton Speaker
  • Contagious Optimism Speaker
  • Toastmasters Motivational Speaker
  • National Speakers
  • Association (NSA)
  • Florida Speakers
  • Association

Clinical Faculty Positions and Hypnosis Instructor

  • Former Vice Chairman, The Physician Executive Section, National Medical Association
  • Former Chief of Urology and Vice Chairman, Dept. of Surgery, Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla, California
  • Former Clinical Faculty Appointment – UC San Diego, San Diego
  • Former Clinical Faculty Appointment – Veterans Administration Hospital, San Diego, California
  • Former Clinical Faculty Appointment – Oregon Health Science – Clinical Faculty
  • Advanced Medical Hypnosis Instructor, Mentor, and Consultant


  • University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics, Iowa City, IA – Residency in Adult and Pediatric Urology
  • Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, Illinois – MD
  • UC Davis, Davis, California – Zoology, BS
  • Board Certified Hypnotist
  • Board Certified Clinical Instructor of Medical Hypnosis

Volunteer Work

  • Crisis Management Expert at Fabella Refugee Camp in Mandaluyong City, Philippines
  • Former Director of Fiji Medical Mission
  • Haiti Medical Mission


  • American Urological Association (AUA)
  • National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)
  • National Speakers Association (NSA)
  • Florida Speakers Association (FSA)